Q: What are your rates?
A: : A Happy Kids representative will be available to answer any questions relating to rates as they vary upon locations and special circumstances. Happy Kids can provide nanny services for families whether booking for just an evening out, entire stay, group events and/or weddings and much more. Happy Kids aims to be as flexible as possible in terms of time changes in the hopes of keeping your family’s vacation as relaxing as possible! We do have a reservation and booking invoice of $43.08 (or $80.78 should your reservation include a major holiday) per nanny on each island.

  • If booking on multiple islands, an additional reservation hold invoice will apply.
  • We require 5-30 hours be prepaid by credit card if you book 20 hours or more. Cash payment due to the nanny at the end of each day in the beginning of your booking and the prepaid hours will be applied towards the end of your booking. Overall hours are tallied based on labor hours. For example, a booking that is 10 hours in length but staffed with two (2) nannies working simultaneously will be considered a 20-labor hour booking.*Rates subject to change without notice*
  • Credit card processing and handling fees, Happy Kids service fees, & Hawaii State Taxes will apply to all credit card payments.
  • Happy Kids has implemented a Daily Travel Fee of $20.00 in cash per nanny, per shift. This fee is not included in the nanny's hourly rate or the parking fee.
  • If there is a parking fee it is not included with the nanny's fees. Clients are responsible for the nanny's parking fees as well.

Q: How do you screen your nannies?
A: We do a complete nationwide screening as well as a driving abstract*. We meet talk to all nannies personally, and when you book with Happy Kids you will always work a live person. *Driving abstracts are important in learning and discovering important information. It can be more up to date than a background screening.

Q: Are you an insured agency? Why is this important?
A: Happy Kids is bonded and insured, our child care providers are independently contracted, however you can be assured of insurance and bonding when making your reservation through Happy Kids. This insurance protects families and children in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. Safety is our number one concern. Our nannies are trained in CPR/First Aid and put through a training course through our agency. We hire nannies with an aptitude for caring for children. Rest assured, after 20 years, we understand what it takes to be a loving, caring, professional nanny.

Q: What are the ages of your nannies?
A: We have nannies from ages 20 and up. Depending on the maturity of the nanny, we may hire nannies as young as 18. Generally, we assign infant specialist for children 5 weeks to a year. Nannies with training to assist children with special needs are available. Please tell us about your children during the booking process so we can ensure the best fit. You may request the age you feel most comfortable with for your children and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Q: I have requested numerous nights/days on my vacation. Is it possible to have the same nanny for all the times I have requested
A: Yes! We always strive to assign the same nanny to you and your family, however we are not able to guarantee you the same nanny during your stay due to certain extenuating circumstances  (i.e. nanny availability, time of year, location of services, advance notice provided, specific nanny qualities requested.) Dependent on your schedule’s flexibility, we will try our hardest to secure you, our valued client, the same nanny for your peace of mind.
Please note: Confirmation of specific nanny is subject to change due to scheduling conflicts, illness or nanny's unavailability beyond the control of Happy Kids.

Q: I know I will be using a nanny for at least 8 hours every day while I am visiting, but am not sure of the times since we don't have a schedule. What are my options?
A: We have created the luxury package for this reason. Please call us for details.

Q: What will the nanny do with my child/children for the hours that they are together?
A: The nannies will bring age appropriate games, puzzles, crafts etc. - to play with in the room or outside the room. Fun activities are always provided. We may go on a gecko safari that they will really enjoy. We take the children on walks or for stroller rides, anywhere on hotel property. Depending on the age of your child/children, the nannies are allowed to take the children to the pool but not into the open ocean. Nannies may not take children into their own vehicles and will not provide transportation due to insurance restrictions. However, nannies can accompany children in a shuttle, cab or private car, with a driver. (Waivers are needed and there are age restrictions. Please inquire.)

Q: Why can't the nannies take children into the ocean?
A: The ocean is unpredictable with currents, waves, wildlife, coral and rocks. These can be very dangerous for children, especially those who are not used to swimming in the open ocean all the time. Because this is a huge liability our insurance policy does not cover it.

Q: What are my payment options?
A: We accept cash or credit card payments. Please note if you wish to pay by credit card we ask that payment arrangements be made ahead of time. All credit card payments will have handling fees and state taxes added.

Q: Am I required to provide meals for my nanny?
A: You are not required to provide meals for your nanny unless you choose to.

Q: Can my nanny watch my friend's child/children so they can play together? What are the additional charges?
A: Yes, one nanny can watch children from different families. We encourage group sits as this is usually a lot of fun for the children. There is an additional charge for this service. Under state guidelines, nannies are not allowed to be responsible for more than 2 children under the age of 18 months, or more than 6 children at one time.

Q: Do you have a time minimum? What if we stay out longer than the times we have scheduled?
A: Happy Kids has five hours minimum for all bookings beginning between the hours of 6:00am until 5:00pm and four hours minimum for any bookings beginning at 5:00pm or later.

Q: Is it customary to give the nanny a gratuity?
A: Nannies are in the service industry, and gratuity is not included, but appreciated. Tips vary widely so use your discretion based on the service you received.

Q: What if we would like a different nanny after we meet the nanny that has been assigned to us?
A: After meeting your nanny, if you are unsatisfied with who we have chosen for you, we will try to replace her with another nanny for the rest of your scheduled times. However, during the busy seasons, we cannot guarantee that we will have another nanny that will have a schedule open enough to accommodate all of the times. If necessary, we may need to split up the shifts between two nannies. A meet and greet or phone call prior to your arrival can be arranged based on availability and your level of comfort. We will always try to ensure you are happy.

A recent client testimonial:

"Dear Kelly,
We have just returned from our vacation on Kauai at the Hyatt in Poipu. During our stay, we used your service twice and were more than happy both times. However, we received such wonderful service from Noe on July 5 that I wanted to share that with you. My 8 year old daughter Frances and 4 year old nephew Jacob were both very tired from a long fun day when Noe arrived. It was toward the end of our stay and we'd had a lot going on. Despite the less than excited reaction to her presence from the tired kids, Noe radiated warmth and friendliness. She suggested several things to do to make the kids feel more comfortable. She listened to us and asked questions. When it came time for us to leave, both kids were in tears and I was feeling badly about leaving. Noe was perfectly confident. She sweetly held Jacob in her arms, and spoke kindly to Frances. Before we were even out of the parking lot, Noe texted us to say everything was great, the kids were laughing and happy, and that she'd keep us posted. As a bit of a nervous parent who doesn't often have babysitters and rarely goes on a long vacation, that one text made my whole night. I immediately relaxed, which was a true gift.
When we returned from our dinner, Noe spent time talking with us about each of our children and gave us the relevant information about how the night went. I saved the note she left us about her time with Frances - it will go in our trip journal.

Please thank Noe for us again - and let her know that her kindness and confidence were immensely appreciated. We will absolutely use your service (and request Noe) on any return trip to Kauai.
Best wishes for a successful and happy summer,"
Mendham, NJ.
"P.S. My daughter Frances came in while I was writing this. I asked her what she remembered about Noe, and she said, "She's awesome! Her jokes were funny and her stories were awesome!"