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Happy Kids is very flexible in terms of time changes and aims to help make your family’s vacation as relaxing as possible.  However, once your nanny is booked and confirmed, we request at least 48 hours notice to cancel to avoid a $65.76 cancellation fee.  For major holidays, we require 72 hours notice to avoid a $80 cancellation fee and Happy Kids does require 50% deposit on larger bookings.  Please make all changes and/or cancellations by telephone through our main office at 808-667-5437 during our normal business hours of 8:00am to 5:00 pm. Emailed cancellations inside of 48 hours will not be accepted.

Inclement weather does not void the cancellation fee.  We do ask for a credit card number to hold your reservation, but it will not be charged.  All payment are to be made in cash directly to your nanny at the end of each sit.

By submitting this reservation request, you agree to the cancellation policy listed above.